Law Firms and Organizations


We work with law firms, law schools, and other organizations in several ways.

– Tailored career coaching packages for associates or law students

– Consulting services to design or improve professional development programs

– Incoporating career coaching into existing professional development programs

– Working with at-risk associates and law students.


Law Firms and Public Interest Organizations

PracticePro works with law firms and other organizations to help train and retain skilled, diverse, and productive associates. We offer onsite and virtual transition-to-practice coaching for associates and summer associate classes.  We provide objective advice to help associates excel in their early years as an attorney and contribute their best work.  We also have expertise in working with at-risk associates, helping them catch up with the rest of the class on essential skills and competencies.

In addition to coaching for associates, PracticePro provides consulting to organizations to develop, improve, or outsource their professional development needs.  We can also help you incorporate a robust career coaching and consulting component into your professional development or diversity program.

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Law Schools

We complement most of the seminars and workshops that we conduct for law schools with tailored career coaching for attendees.  We can also help you design and provide a coaching program most suitable to your law students’ needs.  We offer short-term coaching programs to assist with immediate goals (e.g., interviewing skills) as well as long-term career planning.  Depending on your specific needs and budget, we can structure the program onsite, virtual, or as a combination.

We also currently have a Pilot Professional Development Partnership Program for law schools to give them an opportunity to try all of our products and services in a cost-effective manner. In addition to other benefits, the Program includes coaching for law students as well as consulting on curriculum development.

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Consulting & Coaching

Our mission is to improve the legal profession by training lawyers who are better prepared for the real practice of law. Better prepared, balanced, and happy lawyers are more successful and can affect positive change in the legal profession.