PracticePro can be an excellent source for bridging the gap between the life at a law school and the life at a law firm and make the law students’ transition to the law firm life easier.  At McDermott Will & Emery LLP, we are committed to promoting diverse lawyers and law students to excel in their legal careers.  To this end, we support many organizations that promote diversity and are proud to be one of the diversity scholarship sponsors at PracticePro.

Babak Akhlaghi, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

“PracticePro gets it right.  It speaks the language of new lawyers and the life that they will lead.  Only experienced young lawyers can really communicate these skills. No academic or senior lawyer can do it; PracticePro can.”

Robert Berring, Former Interim Dean and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Law

“During this enormous transition in legal education, law students will need to acquire broader knowledge and more practical skills than ever before as they prepare to join and navigate the profession in the 21st Century.  In addition to working closely with their faculty, students will need more hands-on experience and mentoring from professional organizations like PracticePro.”

Professor Bryan Fair, University of Alabama School of Law


“Associates should take PracticePro training.  They need it.”

Equity Partner, Global Law Firm



What Law Students Are Saying

Coming from a background with a lack of legal professionals present, I can truly say that I was unaware of many aspects of law school. However, with the help of PracticePro, I gained an immense knowledge about the legal field and how to put myself in the best position to secure a job. Whether it was sharpening my interview skills with various coaches during mock interviews or expressing my trials and tribulations with my personal coach, PracticePro enabled me to use my unique background to better market myself. I am very grateful to be a part of the PracticePro program and will never forget the knowledge that I have gained from them.

Royce Egeolu, University of Minnesota

PracticePro is an invaluable resource that built up my confidence and taught me the skills I need to succeed in my legal career. Niki Moore and the panelists really care about the students and their success. The advice I received during the Career Conference was priceless and leaves me hungry for more. I have become very excited to work hard and prepare for my success plan.

Jillian Scherrer, South Texas College of Law

The Texas Career Conference was one to remember! There was an excellent panel of attorneys throughout the day which contributed to my drive and desire to be successful. Niki Moore is amazing. The positive reinforcements and motivating speeches from her, the guest attorneys, and her staff were vital to any law student who is struggling with deciding if the legal field is for them, and also those who are sure and want to know how to get to the top. I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to find a way to attend these career conferences and get involved with Niki Moore and PracticePro in some way. My experience was life-changing! Attending this conference was worth it and I cannot wait to apply what I learned in the near future.

MaChelsea Thomas, Thurgood Marshall School of Law

I must say that the PracticePro Career Conference was the most practical and informative legal career preparation workshop that I have ever attended. Niki’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for serving her students filled the room with every word uttered. The panelists were some of the most esteemed attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. They all gave practical advice while also humanizing the message. I left with about 5 pages of notes and the confidence to shine at whatever legal job that may come my way.

Byron C. Bailey, Texas A&M Law

The PracticePro Texas Career Conference provided me with invaluable information on how to better prepare myself for life after law school. I attended the conference with somewhat of an Idea of what I want to do post law school and the panel discussions further assisted with putting my ideas into perspective. The conference also provided the opportunity to network and meet practicing attorneys who were more than willing to teach, coach, mentor young law students. Overall, I believe the presentation Nikki provided on professional development was spot on and really catered to what is expected from a young attorney, specifically minorities in the workplace. I had a wonderful time and very fortunate to be extended the opportunity to attend.

Shay Chavis, Texas A&M Law

The Practice Pro Career Conference was an amazing experience I would not have gotten the chance to experience if it were not for this program. I left the conference with outstanding information. Niki and the panelists were extremely helpful. Their insight for students that do not come from a professional background make all the difference. I cannot wait to attend the next conference.

Ashley Vega, South Texas College of Law

PracticePro confirmed my expectations and calmed my fears about launching into my future law career. The speakers were well accomplished and very adept at communicating their humanity. I was impressed at how each one pursued their career path and perfected their work life balance in their own unique way. Thank you Practice Pro! I’ll be back!

      Monique Natividad, Thurgood Marshall School of Law

The speakers presented invaluable information that I believe will prove instrumental throughout my career. As someone who does not know very many lawyers, the conference gave me insight that I would not otherwise have access to.

Second-year law student

I am very satisfied with the Practice Pro Career Conference. Ms. Moore is an absolutely wonderful and energetic person who goes about and beyond the call of duty. It is very apparent that she is genuine in wanting to help others succeed. Mr. Neumann is equally helpful! I am looking forward to working with PracticePro as a 1L Diversity Scholar.


It was great being able to interact with various panels from different practice areas. From the overview of working for a firm to insider insight to how the hiring process works, this opportunity is not one to pass up.

Allen Liu, American University Washington College of Law

More law students should take the PracticePro training, and it should be integrated into the curriculum or advertised more on campuses. Niki provided invaluable advice and did so in a fun and engaging way. The panelists were so helpful and genuinely wanted to share information about how to be successful in our first position during law school and after graduation. They really cared!

Miranda Dore, American University Washington College of Law

If you are in law school, I highly recommend attending the PracticePro Career Conference in your area. PracticePro teaches you real-world skills for success in the legal industry that you will not learn in law school. Niki’s vision effectively combines her professional expertise and passion for teaching with a program that commendably empowers the next generation of legal professionals.

Erica Santamaria, Georgetown University Law Center

The Career Conference was very insightful! It is great to hear new advice and advice that reinforces your beliefs/actions. The reception was really the highlight of the day. It was empowering to hear Niki’s personal story. You have to constantly remind yourself not to compare yourself to others and that there are many ways to be a successful attorney. This conference was that voice of reassurance that I needed.

            Celia Guzman, UC Hastings College of Law

Before attending the conference and reception, I had been struggling with the so-called “impostor syndrome.” The conference and, especially, the reception really helped give me a sense that I am in law school for a reason and that I can be successful. I would highly encourage any students –and particularly students of color– seeking to gain more information about life in the legal practice to attend the conference and reception.

Abraham Galvan Sanchez, UC Berkeley

Law School Workshops

Niki and PracticePro are filling a significant gap between law school and practice, and are doing it in a way that is accessible, engaging, and effective. I observed Niki presenting to a group that included first year associates and 3Ls (and correspondingly varying levels of experience and knowledge), and every single one of them said afterwards that they had gotten value from the talk. She understands the school side and the firm side, and how to teach students what’s needed and build their confidence as new lawyers. Highly recommended!

Annabrooke Temple, Associate Director for Career Development, UC Hastings College of the Law

“The PracticePro presentation at the University of Houston Law Center on how to excel in the on-campus interviewing (OCI) process was ideal for our student population.  Full of informative tidbits and advice, the presentation gave a great overview of what employers are really looking for from candidates and provided concrete examples of how to stand out from the crowd.  Students walked away knowing how to hone their interviewing skills to better prepare them for the OCI season.  Niki is an ideal consultant to work with and I would recommend her to my colleagues and peers.”

Kourtney James Perry & the University of Houston Law Center Career Development Office


“The presentation PracticePro gave here at South Texas College of Law not only provided our students with valuable information on various professionalism issues it also engaged the students allowing them to have an active role in working through various scenarios. We could not have been happier with how positively our students responded to the presentation, or with the format and content of the program!”

Julie Sams & the South Texas College of Law Career Resource Center


“The ‘How to Succeed as a Summer’ workshop offered great insight into what it takes to be an effective summer associate, and motivated us to think about how we want to shape our legal careers. From teaching us effective time management skills to helping us understand what supervising attorneys look for, the workshop provided us with a snapshot of the summer program and taught us how to hone in skills that will inform our success as junior attorneys.”

Student Organization Leaders

“PracticePro is a necessary service in this market where the career services offices are inundated with hundreds of law students and graduates.”

Bay Area Career Services Professional


Career Coaching 

 PracticePro has been pivotal to my success in the competitive law school job search process. I am fully satisfied with my decision to enter into a long-term coaching agreement with PracticePro and am confident that their mentorship prepared me for OCI, callback interviews, and beyond. Today, I am continuing to receive useful tips for how to succeed in my summer program and in my legal career, generally. Thank you, PracticePro!

2L Law Student

“Working with PracticePro changed my life and gave me a chance at a career at a large law firm. After experiencing a handful of unsuccessful callbacks, I signed-up for coaching and found out where I needed to recalibrate my approach. Almost immediately afterwards, I went on more interviews and received multiple offers for summer associate positions. I can confidently attribute all my opportunities to PracticePro!”

Bay Area Law Student

“PracticePro has guided me a great deal with several issues and questions I have had during and after my 2L summer at a big firm. From navigating delicate situations, to coaching me how to approach prospective employers, PracticePro has helped put me on the path to success. PracticePro taught me a lot about the real world, filling in the gaps left by law school.”

Bay Area Law student

“I wanted to express my gratitude to PracticePro for taking the time to meet with me.  The coaching session was honestly the best I have had regarding my career.”

New Graduate


Consulting & Coaching

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