Networking 101: Building Your House on the Rock

mg3QztsNetworking 101: Building Your House on the Rock

Networking gets a bad reputation.  Many people dislike it, viewing it as forced or artificial.  Good networking, however, goes beyond networking events and can even be fun.  Join us at this interactive 2-hour small workshop to learn and practice networking skills.


Topics include:

Module 1: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Networking

Module 2: How to Stand out in Networking Events, Including Tips for Introverts

Module 3: Beyond the Networking Event – Advanced Skills

Module 4: Networking with the Top



The in-person workshop is currently held only in collaboration with law school career services, bar associations, pre-law programs, or student organizations.  Please contact us at or 415-237-3703 for more information.

Tuition:  $ 75

Instructor:  Niki Moore


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